Month: July 2017

Hellracer 250 or, F’ pride.

At times, we all need a little help. Funny enough, in a world that has become so selfish, it seems much more difficult to ask for help than to actually receive it, despite the offers. Usually, the only barrier to

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That Familiar Place

Well, here I am, back in Pemberton, BC the evening before a grand cycling adventure. Enjoying a swim in that cool alpine lake water, the mountains impress with their might and peace.  What is it about this place that seems

Logging Roads or, getting ready for Hellracer 250

This coming Saturday I will be participating in a gruelling 250km race that starts and finishes in Pemberton, BC; the Hellracer 250. There is no support, there is no timer. There’s no website, or Facebook page or event promotion. I

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