Month: February 2011

Kid in THE Candy Store

Today I attended the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, also known as super-bicycle-wonderfulness-land-of-happy-bike-glory, in Austin, Texas. Never before have I seen such an assemblage of devoted bike geeks all with such huge smiles. Despite the ease of which I could

My morning cup of joe

Every morning here in south-west Texas the sun rises over the mountains, painting the sky with alternating waves of pinks, purples, oranges, yellows, whites. By 8am the show’s star has fully risen. Waking with the sun’s rising each day, I

Prada Lives in the Desert

Wednesday morning started with breakfast at the Sands Restaurant, where I had the pleasure of meeting two truckers, Tom and Jerry and their missus. Fed and caffeinated, I headed out for the 120km ride along route #90; a faux plat

Houston, the eagle has landed, I repeat, the eagle has landed

On Friday, February eleventh, 2011, Irene and I rode the 100kms from Presidio, Texas east to Terlingua. After 5000kms, 6 states, about 3 1/2 months and endless smiles, I have arrived at my destination. Since then, all I have done

Your Story: Lancing the middle of no-where

Leaving El Paso Monday late-morning I stopped at a red-light when a cyclist rolled up behind me. “Hey” a voice said. Thought not paying too much attention, I replied the same. However, once he pulled up next to me and