Month: February 2012

Keep Austin Cycling

The last ride completed, the farewell meal digested, the many hugs and kisses given between friends; time to leave Terlingua and start the trip ‘home.’ With Reilly having to return to Arkansas, we decided to drive to Austin, Texas for

One trail closes, another door opens

The Monday following the Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest, the Desert Sports posse rode the “Epicito”; a 43 mile version of the Epic course, but starting/finishing 7miles into the State Park. It was a tremendous day of mountain-biking for us all.

Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest; more than just a day in the sun

Over the weekend, a couple hundred mountain-bikers, friends and family made their way to the Big Bend for the Chihuahuan Desert Dirt Fest; three days of organized mountain-bike rides in both Lajitas and the Big Bend Ranch State Park. With

More Pies, Four Pies

Yes, Peter, FOUR pies!! They came after the scrumptious meal which was prefaced with a trip to the hot springs. Yup, just another day in paradise.

The Desert Comes Alive

For a couple of years now, the Big Bend area has been suffering through a severe drought, the likes of which have not been seen for many generations. The impact of this drought on the local biospere has been catastrophic,