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Eating Pie in Portland

Typing these words, I am sitting at Portland International Airport[PDX], waiting for my flight back to Toronto which, is delayed by 90mins. With FREE wifi at my fingertips–normally at airports you’ve gotta pay–I thought to myself “what a great opportunity

Where the ivory meets the concrete

Riding from Bandon to Gold Beach, OR was another uneventful day riding in the very heavy mist. Just another day at the office, putting on the miles. Once I arrived in Gold Beach, however, I was pleasantly surprised at what

Refills of Coffee and Conversation

Waking to a day free of rain, full of sunshine, Irene and I made our way to Bandon, Oregon. A seaside town that caused me to feel rather nostalgic for summers spent on family vacation in towns like Kennebunkport, Maine.

Holy Water at Kaffe 101

Today’s was rather uneventful, despite riding parallel to 40miles of uninterrupted sand-dunes. Basically, a huge litter-box; nope, not too motivated to stroll its shores in the light rain. As I have been known to do from time-to-time, I turned off

Easy and Easygoing

While eating lunch, I met two other tent-wielding travelers, though, theirs was a Subaru, not a true North. Camping, playing music and exploring the NW before heading through California and on to Mexico, Sharon and David were both so friendly