Month: November 2014

Trail Toil Day 8-9; Trail Recon in the State Park

Friday morning I was up and on the bike at 9am.  It would be a long day so I had plenty of food and water, clothes, tools and even a satellite phone packed for the day.  On Wednesday, Tim, Amber

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Trail Toil Day 4-7; Big Bend Ranch State Park

Back home from the Lajitas trail-work weekend, I had to unpack, organize, then repack all my gear for a week living out of the Bunkhouse at the Sauceda Ranger Station way out in the Big Bend Ranch State Park.  The

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Video: Water Hole Trail 101

After a week spent way out in the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Barrett and I got out for a little front country ride Sunday.  Along the way, I decided to have a little fun.  Took a few roll-ups to

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Trail Toil Day 1-3; Snake Pit and Lajitas Trails

For the past eight days, my life has been defined by one single task; trail work.  At three distinct locations and with a multitude of wonderful people, I’ve been lopping cacti, building cairns, mitigating erosion, turning double-track into single-track, moving

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Riding in the Rain

It is raining here in the Big Bend; has been since about 3am and with varying intensity.  Seems there is a hurricane down south somewhere that is making its presence known here in the desert.  Taking up a friend on

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