Month: January 2015

Water In The Desert

One of the defining features of a desert is the amount of rain it receives annually.  While the range here in the Chihuahuan Desert is 6-16″, average annual rain-fall where I live is closer to 9″.  With the severe drought

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Big Bend 50; y’all are crazy

As an endurance cyclist who lives a fairly active and healthy lifestyle, I have many friends who are runners.  Some of them even compete in ultra-marathons.  While they are a deranged group of athletes for sure, I admire them greatly

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It’s Not Training, It’s Focused Riding

One month; four weeks; twenty-seven days.  Yup, that’s all the time I’ve got till the Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest kicks off down here in sunny West Texas.  After having spent so little time on the bike the past month or

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Life; It Happens

We all take things for granted.  Big things and little things, we just expect life to continue along as it always has.  Be it cell phone service, our eyesight or our spouse, we just expect that each day will be

Those Are the Days

It seems like ages have past, eons squandered in the blink of an eye as life-times come and go.  Just when was the last time I experienced that greatest of cycling glories; being way out there, alone, tirelessly turning the