Month: August 2011

Another scar for the collection

Back in Canada I’ve been enjoying the chance to reuinite with friends, make plans to visit with family and have even got in a bit of cycling. With a 100km MTB race on September 17th, I need to get these

Reflections on Touring England

Both while touring the UK and since returning to Canada, I’ve given much time to reflecting on this journey and the impressions I have come away with. Though they all comprise the United Kingdom, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Elvis Has Left the Building

Like all good things, my UK tour has come to it’s end in the the beautiful city of Inverness, Scotland. Though I had hoped to finish on the Isle of Wight for the Bestival in September, I am very happy

The Man in Yellow

The ride west from John O’Groats was a tough 55km slog into the wind; particularly considering the fact that I’d spent most of the day before in Orkney riding against strong winds. Setting up camp in Melvich I woke the