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Reflections on Touring England

Both while touring the UK and since returning to Canada, I’ve given much time to reflecting on this journey and the impressions I have come away with. Though they all comprise the United Kingdom, England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Another Brick in the Wall…

A few pics from along Hadrian’s Wall. Thanks, Joe.

Local Wisdom

On Friday, July 1st–Canada Day to all my friends back home–while having breakfast at the Balandra B&B in Skelton, I discussed my intended route for the day with my host, Douglas. The plan was to continue north to Carlisle, head

Talkin’ Dirt at Pooley Bridge

Donning my new red and white cycling cap, I packed my gear and set off for a day of spectacular views, one heckuva big climb and the meeting of a fellow mountain-biker. Riding north and North-east along route #A592, I

I’ll Take Mine Scrambled

This only adds to that seemingly endless debate which came first, the chicken or the egg?