Month: January 2011

Welcome to Historical Douglas

Welcome to historical Douglas, Arizona. Historical I have come to learn, typically means once upon a time cool/interesting/important things happened here, but now this is just a poor run-down city try to make a buck or two from naive tourists

Timing is Everything

Wednesday, the plan was to hit the bike shop when it opened at 10am and be on the road by about 11am. Well, sometimes, plans not materializing can be a blessing. Let me explain. Dragging my heels all morning, I

Tucson murals, public art and bike related

Tucson; the little desert city that does

Tucson, Arizona, south of it’s metropolis bigger brother, Phoenix. A place where it is sunny with blue skies for 350/365 days a year. A city not too big, not too small, but just right. With bicycle lanes/routes criss-crossing the city

Impressed by mountains and men

Below are pictures from today’s ride up Mount Lemon in Tucson, Arizona. What an incredible day of riding, the views were spectacular! All told, today’s ride was 88kms with a 25km climb; 1,362m of elevation gain, taking me to a