Month: April 2015

My Bridge, My Memories

Yesterday I did something I had not done since August 2008; I rode my bike over the bridge. Not a bridge, not just any bridge; THE bridge. You know, the steel bridge that took me down at 30-35kmp, leaving me

Misery Level on High; To Barrie and Back

My quest for this summer is a simple one; to spend a lot of time on the road bike.  With limited mountain-biking resources available to me locally (apart from the trails within the Don Valley), I aim to spend most

Cyclist in the City

A day or so after arriving in Toronto last week, my dear friend Sara gave me a present.  It was an empty journal, with cycling witticisms care of the folks at Bike Snob NYC adorning the pages.  I thanked her but

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Texas to Toronto

One week ago I was in Terlingua, Texas completing a final check of my van before hitting the road for Toronto, Canada.  That day I would drive the nine hours to Austin, Texas; a pretty cool town that just keeps

Last Group Ride of the Season or, Mike drops the hammer..twice

All good things must come to an end.  Of course, so too do all bad things.  It’s called life, the perpetuity of change. But that’s a discussion best suited for your local watering hole. What I’m getting at here is