Month: October 2010

Hill Billy Hospitality–second to none

In Walla Walla I quickly found Allegro Cyclery . “Michael” and I had a great chat about the local cycling scene–cross is HUGE–and he gave me very helpful directions to ensure I’d be back on the right route as I

J-J-J-Jeremy listens to religious country music

The ride out of Dayton was fast and smooth and dry; atleast for the first 2hrs. Then, as the climbing began, so too did the rain and the headwind. Again with the wind, my nemesis. Being that the day started

Spokane, WA and Gonzaga University

A few pictures from around Spokane and Gonzaga University, a staunchly Jesuit school; hence the nail-in-the-hand statue. Although, maybe it’s meant to prevent the freshmen from asking stupid questions.

Bing Crosby’s nuts

Descending route 27 for about 10mins at 45km/hr, I rolled over Snake River and into Garfield County. The sun was out, the clouds were few and I found myself removing layers in anticipation of a great day of riding. Having

Thomas is five

Thomas is five.Thomas has blonde hair and a big smile.Thomas can climb the swing-set and jump off; he showed me how.Thomas’s dad has gone to work for five weeks; mom is out working.Thomas has big muscles; he flexed a muscle-man