Month: July 2013

Three Days in Durango; Day 3, Engineer Mountain

Tuesday morning, day three riding in the Durango area.  I woke good and early, though just after the sun’s rising brilliance.  All was calm; the trees, the lake, the sky, my companions.  It was cool but certainly not cold; in

Three Days in Durango; Day 2, Molas Pass to Hermosa Creek via Colorado Trail

Monday morning we were up early, fed, packed and driving to the trailhead in time for an 8:40am start. Our plan was to ride the Colorado Trail west to Hermosa Creek.  There, we’d decide for either more climbing or the

Three Days in Durango; Day 1, Horse Gulch

Last Sunday I had the very distinct pleasure of joining three steely mountain-bikers for three days riding in the Durango area.  Sunday morning, Taf, Reilly, Kimberly and I packed four bikes, three dogs and all the gear we’d need into

Bicycle Love

[warning; this posting may be most enjoyed by bike-geeks and gear-heads] Bicycles are wonderfully resilient machines, particularly high-end mountain-bikes.   They bang themselves over all sorts of immovable obstacles without complaint.  They feel the brunt of every crash.  They often-times

Bike-packing Lessons

Two weeks ago I went bike-packing up Leadville-way.  While I had a great time, I did also learn a few things about my bike-packing kit that require attention.  Here they are: –my sleeping roll–which includes bivy-sack, sleeping pad and sleeping