Month: June 2015

Lessons from the Hairshirt

Sunday was the Hairshirt. 200 miles of torture. With 40kph headwinds for most of the day, the record was not challenged. The heat and humidity more than made up for lack of hills. Even  among the lead group there were

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A Return to Dirt, a Return to Self

Today I did something I’d not done in just over two months. Today, I rode my mountain-bike. And you know what, it was glorious. With a busy work schedule and a desire to focus my riding on getting ready for

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Big Boy Bike Parking

While enjoying a pre-ride coffee yesterday with Adam, this little kid, his brother and mom roll up. Kid takes off his helmet, hangs it over his bars and parks his bike right up against ours, like it ain’t no thing.

What a Difference a Day Makes or, Riding for Fun

What a difference, a day makes. Twenty-four little hours. Yesterday it was sunny and warm yet I had an off-day. I was missing the joy that comes from riding simply for the love of riding. After yesterday’s tough day, I

Waiting for the Fun or, Mental Road Blocks

Saturday after work, I raced home, packed up the Sprinter and drove the 2.5hours to Bloomfield in rural Prince Edward County. Visiting with Kt and Rick, checking out all the renovations and improvements to the Barn, I was finally in