Month: November 2013

Bike-packing Peru: Homeward Bound

Puno, Peru, 00:08am; I’m sitting upon the hostel’s toilet, stomach in turmoil, diarrhea flowing like air from a punctured tire.   Back to bed.  Ten minutes later, again perched upon the throne.  Up and down like a fiddler’s elbow until

Bike-packing Peru: Coming Home Early

To some, the most important element to ensuring a successful trip is planning. Fortunately, I am not one of those. In my years of traveling, cycling and cycle-touring, it’s adaptability that reins supreme. Staying true to plans when necessity, logic

Bike-packing Peru: A Birthday in Puno

3am and I’m wide awake in my little tent on a lake. An hour later and still awake, my mind consumed with thoughts of what to do and where to live next spring/summer. In March I’ll celebrate my 40th birthday

Bike-packing Peru: Beyond Salinas and Pati

Monday morning we woke to an endless procession of dump-trucks making their way from Arequipa to the Laguna Salidas salt flats. Passing by on the bikes, it was interesting to notice the micro/individual salt mining operations–a taxi cab, a motorbike,

Bike-packing Peru: Out of Arequipa

Sunday, November, 17 at 5:30am Reilly, Kimberly and I began the ride out of Arequipa, population one million. At that time of morning, the streets in the central, touristy area of town were empty. As we made our east, however,