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Video: Water Hole Trail 101

After a week spent way out in the Big Bend Ranch State Park, Barrett and I got out for a little front country ride Sunday.  Along the way, I decided to have a little fun.  Took a few roll-ups to

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Gettin’ Ready for the Vapor Trail 125: ‘Cuz The Freaks Come Out At Night

To prepare for the 10pm start of the upcoming Vapor Trail 125 mountain-bike race I’ve been getting out for a few night-rides.  Check out this video from Tuesday’s ride along the Colorado Trail, heading towards Mount Princeton.  

Video Durango Singletrack

Check out this video as we explore the miles of sublime single-track around Durango, CO.  

Your Story; Caelan Devine Ryan

It has happened to us all; visiting some iconic mountain-bike destination you come across local riders who just tear it up, leaving you in their dust.  As is often the case those riders are several years younger than yourself and

My Story: Video; Mountain-biking in the Desert

As you know from reading my posts, I am currently living in the Big Bend area of south-west Texas.  You also know that I do a lot of mountain-biking here in this delightful desert paradise.  What you might not know,