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Terlingua to Toronto; Big Bend to the Big City

All good things come to an end. Paradise doesn’t last forever. If you love something, set it free.  Yup, time to leave Terlingua, TX, my special place. After all the farewell parties, last rides, hugs and kisses, Kt and I

Church of the Two Wheels

  It’s been a long time since I last joined the congregation for a day of woodland piety but on Saturday I went to church. Yup, the Church of the Two Wheels. Where the flock turn pedals on the bike,

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County Gravel Ride

With about 24hours off work on Monday, I drove to The County after a physiotherapy appointment. Eating a scrumptious bike-shop porch lunch, I threw a leg over Irene and wet out for a gravel ride. Over the past year or

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Back to Living; overnight adventure in Norfolk County

Although my ankle continues to limit my cycling–more on that in another post–and despite my relative silence here, I have been getting out on the bike. About one long’ish ride a week plus one other shorter ride. About a month

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That Moment

Holy shit moments. We’ve all had them. That moment when you’re just riding along and BAM, something happens that makes your heart rate soar and your butt-cheeks clench. Had one of those Friday morning before work as Tay-Tay, Ethan and

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