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Church of the Two Wheels

  It’s been a long time since I last joined the congregation for a day of woodland piety but on Saturday I went to church. Yup, the Church of the Two Wheels. Where the flock turn pedals on the bike,

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County Gravel Ride

With about 24hours off work on Monday, I drove to The County after a physiotherapy appointment. Eating a scrumptious bike-shop porch lunch, I threw a leg over Irene and wet out for a gravel ride. Over the past year or

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Back to Living; overnight adventure in Norfolk County

Although my ankle continues to limit my cycling–more on that in another post–and despite my relative silence here, I have been getting out on the bike. About one long’ish ride a week plus one other shorter ride. About a month

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That Moment

Holy shit moments. We’ve all had them. That moment when you’re just riding along and BAM, something happens that makes your heart rate soar and your butt-cheeks clench. Had one of those Friday morning before work as Tay-Tay, Ethan and

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That Which is Old, is New Again

Monday was a day of firsts, doing things I’ve done so many times before. With my ankle injury keeping me off the bike the past several weeks, I desperately needed to get back on and start pedalling. For both physical

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