Month: August 2013

Gettin’ Ready for the Vapor Trail 125: ‘Cuz The Freaks Come Out At Night

To prepare for the 10pm start of the upcoming Vapor Trail 125 mountain-bike race I’ve been getting out for a few night-rides.  Check out this video from Tuesday’s ride along the Colorado Trail, heading towards Mount Princeton.  

Video Durango Singletrack

Check out this video as we explore the miles of sublime single-track around Durango, CO.  

Pictures from Durango Death Ride

A few non-near-death-experience-related pictures from two days riding the Durango Death Ride. The route; we started in Ridgway. Day 1; leaving Ridgway, first little climb Reilly, mile 1. Guess who? Man, I just love it here. Reilly enjoying the view,

Don’t Die During the Durango Death Ride

I nearly died on Tuesday. Seriously, I nearly flew off a fifty foot cliff at about 45mph on my road bike.  It was, without question, one of the top three scariest moments of my life.  I’m still in near disbelief

Leadville Trail 100; MY race.

Race day 4:15am,  I’m awake and making breakfast; oatmeal with yogurt, hemp seed, blue-berries and raspberries; two hard-boiled eggs; a large bottle of tasty beverage[various juices along with some Perpetuem, hemp seed and ground flax seed] and one half cup