Month: October 2015

Toronto to Texas; home to home

Wow, what a summer, such a grand time. I enjoyed a hugely rewarding time spent working at Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop in Toronto; I completed both the Noble Pursuit team road race and the 100km Paul’s Dirty Enduro mtb race; there were

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A Trip Home, A Trip Through Time

Spending the summer in Toronto, I’ve enjoyed regular sojourns to Prince Edward County, The Ganaraska Forest and a few other spots within a couple hours of Toronto. This past weekend, however, was my first trip to my home town of Ottawa,

Your Story: Lily Clarke

You know that person at work who just gets things done? They know things others don’t and they work harder than most. Reliable, smart, resourceful; you know the person I’m talkin’ about. When you need something, they are the person

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