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Northern Migration: Taos Takes Its Toll

Some times, we work.  Some times, we get worked.  Then there are those wonderful occasions where we work hard and get worked over.  My recent trip to Taos was one of those special times. After leaving Texas we travelled through

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Road Trip Ride #11: Lower Doña Anas

Wednesday evening we spent the night at a rest stop on Interstate 10 just west of the Arizona/New Mexico border.  Before going to sleep, I sent a text message to our dear friend, the most wonderful Ligia; In LC by

Eggs over medium

With just the memory of Lordsburg to haunt me, I passed through the much more vibrant town of Deming, NM where I spent the night then continued to Las Cruces, NM, on Saturday, Feb. 5th. Riding along Interstate 10, I

The Great Divide; excitement vs melancholy

Having been held captive in Lordsburg, NM for the past three days, I was today able to get back on the bike and continue my trek eastward. While the grip of cold and wind had lessened, today’s 100kms were covered

Lessons Learned in Lordsburg

Tuesday afternoon, with the wind helping me cover 75kms in about 2.5hrs, I arrived in Lordsburg, New Mexico, a town focused on servicing the needs of big-rig trucks and their drivers, freight trains and the occasional tourist unfortunate enough to