Month: March 2013

Stressed? Sweat!

Earlier this week some personal things came up that kinda stressed me out.  Without going into details, suffice it to say my mind was else-where while my body was tense.  Once upon a time I would have made my way

Bike-packing; Second Attempt, Day 2

Waking Monday morning it was cold!  With the daylight-savings time-change a couple days earlier, 8 am now felt much more like 7am, particularly when the sun was hidden behind the hills surrounding me.  Un caffeinated and with cold fingers and

Bike-packing; Second Attempt, Day 1

With various other rides and the delights of life absorbing my attention recently, it had been a while since the last [and first] foray into bike-packing.  While formulating my plan for my next over-night trip, it dawned on me that

Your Story; Gordon

In late January, 2011, during my US west-coast cycle-tour, I made my way east from California through Arizona and New Mexico.  Riding along the Interstate, I pulled over at one of those ubiquitous rest-stops which offer little more than a

Your Story; MaryAnne Lepinskie

On October 13th, 2012, the impossible occurred.  More accurately, what was once a dream became reality.  On that cool, sunny autumn day, MaryAnne Lepinskie rode her first Century.  And while one-hundred kilometres is a significant distance to ride, the road