Month: June 2013

Tire Boot on Bear Creek

Another warm yet dry afternoon here in Colorado Rockies.  Decided to do the same Bear Creek loop that I enjoyed with friends recently.  Riding alone I was able to cut out some time.  Too bad time wasn’t the only thing

Monarch Crest Trail

Since arriving here in beautiful Colorado a few weeks ago, I’ve been slowly acclimating while amping up the riding.  That said, while I’ve been enjoying short-medium length mtb rides and some big climbs on the road bike, I’ve been hesitating

Smoke on the Solstice

Friday was the northern hemisphere’s summer solstice, the longest day also known as midsummer, celebrated around the world with festivals, bon fires, traditions of fertility and even mystical fern blossoms. You would have been hard-pressed, however, to recognize the day

Cottonwood Pass at 92.5kph

Wednesday afternoon I packed Sophie in the car and drove the 25miles north to Buena Vista.  There, I parked, threw on my nice white cycling shoes, reinstalled Sophie’s front wheel and headed west, straight into the wind. For nearly two

Blog Less, Do More

Stickers.  Some of you may have noticed that I don’t cover my bikes in stickers like some folks do.  I’m not opposed to the practice perse, but I’m rather particular about my bikes and so it’s rare that anything but