Month: May 2016

The Joy of Living

Monday morning I came alive. Struggling with an injured ankle that is slow to heal, I’ve been off the bike almost entirely the past month. Working long hours six days a week, I’ve barely seen the sunshine. Monday I said

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Your Story; Bevin Reith

If you are lucky, that rare person comes into your life who epitomizes enthusiasm. To any venture, be it grand or mundane, they apply a zeal like few others. Their constant smile, intelligent quirkiness and excitement for life are as

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Bike Lanes on Bloor

Bike lanes in the city. Love’em or hate’em, they are increasingly a part of Toronto’s cycling infrastructure. Though, certainly with a checkered history. We’ve had them installed and promptly removed on Jarvis. They’ve helped make Harbord/Wellesley a popular passageway east-west

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