Month: April 2016

Toronto Graf

Just a few of the stellar pieces found around town recently.  Enjoy.  

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Weird Scenes Inside the City

This has been a weird start to my summer, cycling-wise anyhow. Arriving back in Toronto, the weather was sunny and warm. Within days it was snowing and raining, cold and windy. For about a week, I thought my cycling shoes

Getting Used to City Life

Two weeks back in the City and  I’ve spent nearly every day working, eleven days in a row to be exact. The weather has been typical for April in Ontario; volatile. Some days have been quite pleasant, but others have

Terlingua to Toronto or, welcome home?

After seemingly endless hours driving from Terlingua to Toronto earlier this week, I am now back in The City. And for the first couple of days it felt rather strange. Buildings instead of mountains, paved roads instead of dirt trails.