Month: May 2015

Your Story; Chris Swan

In late September 2011, I made my first trip to Colorado where I was promised “the best mountain-biking in the United States.” Spending ten days touring around the mountains of central Colorado with my guide, Reilly, not only did he

Welcome to the Donut Ride

In cycling, roadies have a reputation for being macho, elitist snobs, ignoring those whose kit just isn’t right or who don’t ride fast enough. I have been on the receiving end of this attitude more than once and it’s a

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Toronto Public Art

Just a taste of the public art that adorns this grand City. All pieces found close to home. If you can identify or decipher any of the writers I’ve missed, please let me know.

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Your Story; Maurice

A 230km ride to Lake Simcoe notwithstanding, the past few rides have taken me on city routes I used to frequent in 2007-2009 while I lived in the Yorkville/Annex part of town. One is a 30km loop that negotiates its

Your Story; Peter Murk

Peter is a monster. He is stronger than you, faster than you and will ride further than you. Partly cuz he can, partly cuz he enjoys making people suffer.  He is boorish, opinionated, lacking in tact and will talk at