Month: June 2011

Southport; Where BMX is Alive and Thriving

Leaving the good people of Gronant Saturday morning, I rode through Flint then Chester and along the extensive canals. Stopping just long enough to eat lunch in a park, I continued on to the Delamere Forest Park. Seeing lots of

Gronant; Home to the Kindest People in Wales

Leaving the glorious views of Mount Snowdon behind me, Friday’s ride took me east from Llanberis through Capel Curig and on to Betws-y-Coed. Both towns were full of cyclists, hikers, canoeists and otherwise outdoorsy types and all the shops required

The Mighty Snowdon

[I have been advised that Snowdon is just that and NOT Mount Snowdon; thanks Martin] As recommended by my friend, Dru, on my penultimate day in Wales, I made the trip to Llanberis and the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon

"I have to push the pram-a-lot"

These are pictures taken from around Wales of various castles. Some I simply rode past, others I entered and explored. In all cases, I couldn’t help myself but sing a few bars from Monty Python’s Nights of the Round Table/Camelot

Moelfre and the Passage of Time

Since arriving in Wales about nine days ago, I’ve come to notice several differences from England. Not only the Welsh language and the plethora of animal droppings on the roads (mentioned in a previous posting) but there seems to be