Month: November 2010

Where it all started

This picture is dedicated to my brother Ed and anyone else who has ever searched for Animal Chin.

Bikes, burritos and a certain Blue Bottle

With plans for a ride set for 9am, I again camped in the Presidio, waking to find another great banana slug oozing its way along a bench. The sun was out, the air was crisp but warming and there was

Domestic responsibilities

Saturday it rained most of the day in San Francisco. Rather than sightseeing or going for a ride, I did chores. I got my head shaved–feels so much better–and did the laundry that was well overdue. Both my cell phone


Pictures taken at a local cyclo-cross race in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The race came after riding the Paradise loop and before the Papalote burrito.

San Francisco Murals i