Month: July 2011

Orkney; Houses of the Holy

Orkney or, The Orkney Islands, is an archipelago located about a 45min ferry ride north of John O’Groats. Initially, I had never even considered visiting these tiny little islands but when people kept telling me that I really should, who

Welcome to John O’Groats

When I woke Tuesday morning I had just one thing on my mind; reaching John O’Groats. In so doing, I would complete the iconic English ride; the End-to-End. Most people take about 10-20 days to cycle the 874miles[1406kms]. The record

Riding On The Moon

A few pictures from the Scottish Highland moonscape or rather, along the A838 to Durness.

When Your Gut Talks, Listen

We’ve all heard them; stories of people who get a funny feeling right before a flight and so, decide to take the next one, only to learn that their originally scheduled plane crashed into the ocean. Or maybe it’s happened

Nick, with a smile on my face, I hate you.

Dear Nick, I hate you. It was a real treat meeting you and staying at your excellent Bed & Breakfast. Your recommendation for dinner in Lockinver was spot-on, as were your sightseeing suggestions for my time in Durness. And Patrycja’s