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Bike-packing Peru: Lessons Learned

More than anything else cycle-touring offers the unique opportunity to [re]discover ourselves and the world around us.  It does so with an intimacy not shared with other modes of transit.  As I prepared for a month spent bike-packing around Peru,

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Bike-packing Peru: Homeward Bound

Puno, Peru, 00:08am; I’m sitting upon the hostel’s toilet, stomach in turmoil, diarrhea flowing like air from a punctured tire.   Back to bed.  Ten minutes later, again perched upon the throne.  Up and down like a fiddler’s elbow until

Bike-packing Peru: Coming Home Early

To some, the most important element to ensuring a successful trip is planning. Fortunately, I am not one of those. In my years of traveling, cycling and cycle-touring, it’s adaptability that reins supreme. Staying true to plans when necessity, logic

Bike-packing Peru: A Birthday in Puno

3am and I’m wide awake in my little tent on a lake. An hour later and still awake, my mind consumed with thoughts of what to do and where to live next spring/summer. In March I’ll celebrate my 40th birthday

Bike-packing Peru: Beyond Salinas and Pati

Monday morning we woke to an endless procession of dump-trucks making their way from Arequipa to the Laguna Salidas salt flats. Passing by on the bikes, it was interesting to notice the micro/individual salt mining operations–a taxi cab, a motorbike,