Month: October 2014

Your Story; Sydney Schalit

The reasons why we ride are as varied as those who ride.  In fact, there is even a FaceBook page devoted to celebrating why I ride.  Some start young because of their parents, others find cycling later in life.  Some

Where I Ride

A few pictures from recent rides here in the desert.

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Trail Work in the Big Bend

They don’t just spontaneously sprout from the ground, cut and groomed, ready to ride.  Often times they begin as game or live-stock trails; some times they are ancient paths used for generations to cross the land; quite often, they follow

Welcome Home Archie

Home, they say, is not a place but a feeling.  Here in this place, here in Terlingua, SW Texas, the feelings that fill my soul are those of peace, contentment and joy.  My people, my tribe, live here and we

The Desert is Alive…and so am I!

Back in the Chihuahuan desert of south-west Texas about a week now, I am finally starting to feel at home.  Reuniting with old friends, taking in each magnificent sun-rise and finding my desert mountain-bike legs while getting used to the