Month: April 2012

Starting the day with the day’s start

Got up this morning at about 5:30am and was on the bike heading north by 6am.  Twenty minutes later, I turned east, just as the sun was rising and the temperature hovering around freezing.  With a veil of the softest

Who You Callin’ Filthy?

Sunday morning, Bevin and I arrived at the Ancaster Community Centre eager for a day of racing. The forecast was for light drizzle, 12degrees warming to 20degrees by the afternoon and winds of 20-45kph. As we sat in the school-bus

Back to Paris[and Ancaster] for More Fun in the Mud

It was this time last year that I had just returned from my tour of the US Pacific coast; an epic 5000 km tour that finished in Texas. Upon my return, I entered the Paris-to-Ancaster race, here in Ontario. Regrettably,

Easter in The County

Saturday after work, I loaded my gear into the rental car and drove to Prince Edward County. Arriving around 8:30pm, I made a stop at the Lakeshore Lodge to say hi to mum and reflect on all that had happened

Suffer, Shower, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

For the past couple of weeks, my riding–beyond the daily commute to work–has included a few early morning 90-120min rides with a couple of longer rides thrown into the mix on my days off. Nothing too strenuous or too adventuresome.