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When living in the city, a bicycle really is the best way to get around town. Below are the various city bikes in my quiver.


The Dr Foghorn Leghorn was, I believe, produced by Raleigh England for the Canadian department store chain, Eaton’s, in the 1960’s-70’s. Soon after scoring this little beauty from the Bloomfield Bicycle Co, I came across another of the same bike, but in purple. The Dr. has since been stripped down, overhauled and rebuilt with many new parts. At the end of hte summer 2015, I swapped out the fork and original fenders from the purple bike, which was branded “Cobra.”

After an overhaul which involved cutting off the cottered cranks, The Dr. has been joyously rebuilt with many new old parts. The bars have been replaced with narrow, steel randonneur-style bars and a Gardin quill stem that I’ve had for years. The saddle, seat-post, tires, bottle cage, cables/housing etc have all been replaced. Many of the drive-train components–hubs, shifters, cable guides, original rear derailleur and cranks–are Shimano 333, which I’d never heard of before.

The derailleurs are now old entry-level Huret and the cranks are a set of super bad-ass Sugino Mighty 171mm track cranks.  The odd BCD means I’ve got a 52/50 up there along with the 5 speed friction shifting on the back. The peculiar cantilever brakes are what first turned me onto this bike, but they work terribly on those steel rims.

The name.  He is the Dr Foghorn Leghorn because there is a sticker of that awkward, bumbling, ranting Looney Tunes Cartoon character on the head-tube.  There are also the letters ‘D’ and ‘R’ gouged into the top-tube.  Hence, the Dr. Foghorn Leghorn was born.  And since this cartoon character is male, this bicycle is the only ‘male’ in my quiver.

The good Dr. has since become my Toronto, Ontario city bike, living in the basement at Sweet Pete’s when I’m not in town.


The Doctor Foghorn Leghorn, before the purple fork and original fender conversion.


This Schwinn Collegiate is my Salida, CO townie. It is a blue steel single-speed with a step-through frame that I scored from a consignment shop in Salida, CO for $50. The bars don’t sit straight in the fork and the non-drive-side seat-stay is bent, seemingly from a car/bike collision, so she rides a little wonky. I have done very little to this beauty, just a tube and a new chain. But she gets me around Salida with style and grace. For now she lives with Chris and Jenn Swan in Salida, surrounded by the Collegiate Mountains.


Schwinn Collegiate, Salida townie


This early 90’s Cannondale CAD3 aluminum hard-tail came to me from Gumby, here in Terlingua, TX. After spotting this bike at Tim and Amber’s house earlier this winter, I had a conversation with Gumby about this little blast from the past. He told me that several years ago a friend gave him the frame, fork, wheels and a box of parts. The bike was built, tuned, hung by the front wheel and never ridden.

I told Gumby I wanted the bike but that I wasn’t going to pay for it. Rather, I would treat it like my own. I would maintain it and invest money/parts into it. I would never sell it and if I left Texas permanently, I would pass it along to another Terlingua local. He thought about it for a moment, agreed to the terms and we shook on it. I love negotiations like that.

This bike really is a mixed-bag of early nineties coolness. Mavic rims laced to Nuke Proof hubs with purple Salsa q/r’s. The fork is a Rock Shox Judy XC long-travel(which I think makes it 80mm). It has 7 speed Deore XT derailleurs with LX cranks and Race Face chainrings married to 8 speed Gripshift X-Ray twist shifters. Brakes are some cheap Shimano V-brakes with Avid levers. It has a Kore bar, Control Tech stem and purple Chris King headset.

Today, this yellow Cannondale has become my Terlingua, TX townie. Thanks Gumby.


Gumby’s Cannondale CAD3


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