That Familiar Place

Well, here I am, back in Pemberton, BC the evening before a grand cycling adventure. Enjoying a swim in that cool alpine lake water, the mountains impress with their might and peace. 

What is it about this place that seems so familiar, so comfortable? I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something that feels very right here. 

Tomorrow I will again find myself in a place ever so familiar, so right. Perched upon my saddle for 12-15hrs, riding 250km and climbing 5,000m, I will return to an existence like none other. For what will seem like days, I will make little circles with my legs until I am gaunt, frail and barely able to stand. 

I’ve been there before, you know the place. Far to the edge of what it is to be human. Existing on a cloud outside of yourself while feeling pain in every part of your body. Knowing you have achieved something few others would dare, while unable to take your own shoes off. 

Going through pre-ride rituals, I am back in that familiar place. Gazing upon the mountains, I am home. Aching with every turn of the pedals, I know where peace resides. 

This is that place. 

Lounging on the beach at One Mile Lake, Pemberton

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