Terlingua to Toronto; Big Bend to the Big City

All good things come to an end. Paradise doesn’t last forever. If you love something, set it free.  Yup, time to leave Terlingua, TX, my special place.

Final ride: Kevin and others riding the Dome Singletrack, BBRSP

Porch time with this sweet gal.

After all the farewell parties, last rides, hugs and kisses, Kt and I drove the 2100miles/3400kms from Terlingua to Dallas, then on to Buffalo and finally Toronto. Apart from having my van searched at the Canadian border after I told them I’d gone to Mexico for an afternoon, the drive was fairly uneventful.

Silliness as Kt drives

Back in Toronto, I’ll be working at Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop on Bloor St, west of Dufferin; worked my first shift on Sunday. Come visit me! While I’m here, I’ll be staying with my cousins right downtown. Although I have no desire to live in the city, any city, I must admit I do enjoy being back in Toronto, my Canadian home. But really, it’s not the city that matters but the people who live here.

Already I’ve spent an evening chilling with Sergio and the boys, dinner with Chris and Kate, champagne and Jesus Christ Superstar with David and Gary. Yesterday, Taylor and Andrew took me on my first ride back in the city; a spirited 84km/52mile road ride to Kleinburg for coffee.

Taylor, myself and Andrew in Kleinburg. Road bikes, cold weather and coffee. Great combo.

It is a wonderful feeling to be surrounded by so many great friends. I’m certainly looking forward to the many adventures I’ll get myself into while I’m here…

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