Has it really been over a month since I last updated bowlingbybike.com ? There’s a good excuse; I have been too damn busy enjoying my return to the Chihuahuan Desert aka: home.

Since arriving here in sunny Terlingua about four weeks ago there have been bike rides, boat rescues, EMS shifts, music on the porch, hippy hour at Don Carr’s and maybe a few hours spent simply watching the mountains. Despite feeling rather broken and tired after the summer in Squamish, BC, it’s been wonderful enjoying some shorter rides here in The Big Bend.

Reuniting with dear friends, I can’t describe just how wonderful it feels to be back home. Maybe these pictures will help to convey the feeling…



A welcome home present from Manu

’nuff said

Isabelle at home in the Big Bend Ranch State Park

Billy: “nobody makes me bleed my own blood”

Manu and Yuhas; great to be back riding with these guys

Somewhere out on Loop 4 in Lajitas

Look closely, you can just make out the cyclist on The Waterhole Trail

Chillin’ out on Jeff and Becca’s porch. Life is hard these days

Agua Fria

That about says it all. Viva Terlingua!

Captain Safety, back on duty

Alone for the sunrise at the Langford Hot Springs, Big Bend National Park


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